The center on a target has a diameter of 7 inches. The whole target has a diameter of 35 inches. Complete the explanation for what part of the whole target is the center.The center of the target takes up % of the whole target.

Accepted Solution

All right, so the first step would be to find the area of both the center and the whole.

The formula for area of a circle would be
[tex]A= \pi r^2[/tex]

The radius of the whole would be 17.5 in, and the radius of the center would be 3.5 in. Let's plug them in.

[tex]A= \pi *17.5^2[/tex]

[tex]A= \pi 3.5^2[/tex]

To find the percentage, you would just have to find the fraction and turn it into a percent.
That's 4/100, so it would be 4%.