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Accepted Solution

Ok so using a calculator we can see that the median of Manuel's data is 8 and the median of Gretchen's data is 9 (technically we could use the mean as a measure of spread but that is only really appropriate when there are no outliers and no skew).

Now these medians apply to the number of days that people use the facility in one month - we need to calculate the number of days in one week, thus we should divide both medians by 4:
Manuel's data: 8/4 = 2 days per week
Gretchen's data: 9/4 = 2.25 days per week

The condition to increase the budget was that the members should be using the facilities more than two times a week, which is technically supported (you must note that the median shows that on average 50% of the members are using the facilities more than two times a week) by the medians from both sets of data, and thus the budget should be increased.